• My company has used Maximal for several years. They provide us with flexibility by allowing us to customize our call routing and the ability to take our calls on multiple phones, which helped my team work remotely when needed.  They also advised us when fiber became available in our building allowing us to affordably move from cable Internet to something faster and more reliable. I have been satisfied with their services.

    C. Coulter Coulter Lambson Law Firm
  • Maximal has provided us with phone, website, and data hosting for a few years. They allow us to adjust our numbers on the fly and we can have our calls directed wherever needed. We have run several marketing campaigns that have required us to get banks of toll-free and local numbers. Maximal provided us these numbers at a very affordable rate. We would recommend them for any phone, data, or hosting needs.

    David Blackfish5
  • We use Maximal for all of our IT needs. They provide fiber Internet to our offices and job sites. This has been especially useful, because they come in at a low price point and get us on whatever carrier is a best fit for the address. They also network our sites together so that we can share files, printers, and other resources seamlessly. They also provide us with IP phones that our employees can use in our offices, job sites, or at home. Their cloud file service allows us unfettered access to our files and allows us to share folders with customers and vendors for bids and project execution.

    Larry Fincon General Contractors
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