Maximal specializes in building complex networks to meet the needs of our clients. This ranges from a point to point connection between two branches in the same geographical zone, to networks that span multiple countries.

Unlike the vast majority of carriers, Maximal doesn’t limit itself to working via just one set of fiber. In fact, we are always actively seeking to expand our network of carriers, offering greater diversity and flexibility to our clients.

Large carriers like ATT and CenturyLink offer solutions outside of their network foot-print — using relationships with other LECs for the last miles of certain circuits. However, this doesn’t offer flexibility in pricing. By merging the networks of a diverse group of carriers, we can offer the highest-bandwidth, lowest-priced connections to our customers.

One of Maximal’s greatest strengths is that we design our infrastructure from top to bottom, meeting your needs from the data center, to each of your facilities. By relying on Maximal, you can rest assured that your network will meet your performance and reliability parameters — further, our expert engineers will make any infrastructure changes/upgrades as well-thought through and painless as possible.

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