In today’s day and age, it makes more sense to unify data storage with a trusted provider, than to maintain costly server infrastructure at each business site. Maximal has a range of packages to meet client’s needs, along with Internet packages to ensure that your connectivity matches your requirements.


In the event that Datacenter A suffers a connectivity failure, power outage, or server equipment issue, the dataset will be available at the secondary datacenter due to the replication.


Unlike many other cloud service providers, Maximal allows your virtual machine and storage applications to share the same ZFS Storage Pool. In lieu of billing you separately for each virtual machine’s VHD, we bill for a combined pool resulting in both savings and simplicity. As mentioned above, each machine still receives an independent dataset to maximize features.


By assigning each virtual machine its own Dataset, it is a simple matter to restore a virtual machine to its earlier state. This requires nothing more than shutting down the virtual machine, restoring the snapshot, and restarting the machine. It will appear exactly as it did at that time. This is an extremely useful tool for recovering from software glitches, corruption, or file deletion / manipulation by a malicious party.

Data Pools Accessible via Windows, MAC, and Linux/Unix hosts. We also provide a file management solution that offers web access, per user access control, password authenticated access, and synchronization with a local folder.

Data pools are billed at a standard rate of $.10 per GB.



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