Maximal has packages designed to meet the needs of the Hospitality industry, ranging from large to small.

In lieu of expensive up-front hardware purchases, our highly-reliable cloud offering requires only the purchase of desired handsets, then a competitive monthly fee that includes service and support.


The Cloud phone server delivers:

  1. Dedicated Asterisk-based Virtual Machine
  2. a Static IP
  3. 100/100Mbps of Guaranteed Bandwidth
  4. The ability to support hundreds of extensions on a single instance’
  5. Excellent Pricing on DIDS/Trunks

Cloud Server Technology

Any server can fail – whether as a result of hardware failure, a power outage, physical damage to a facility, an Internet connection going down, or many other factors. Mission critical services require a maximum level of redundancy and uptime. The best way to mitigate potential failures is a virtualized environment, replicated across multiple servers in multiple physical locations. Maximal maintains servers at many datacenters around the world. These servers host the infrastructure for our services, including Internet routing, multi-site networks, phone service, data storage, website hosting, and others applications.

Delivery of services

We specialize in high-reliability scenarios that ensure maximum up-time for our client’s services. We deliver calls via the following means

  1. Public Internet
  2. VPN
  3. MPLS
  4. Any landline or cell phone. (call forwarding)

A traditional on-premise phone switch always has the potential to fail. Failure of such switches often requires outside intervention and can lead to extensive downtime.


Our hosted solution is based on redundant mirrored data center facilities. Even if an entire facility goes off-line, instances recover in a different geographical location. Additionally, only an active Internet connection is required for local handsets. This is a much simpler bar to maintain than a complicated on-site phone switch. In the event of a failure of local facilities, phones can be rerouted automatically to backup sites, phones, or numbers. Auto-attendants and voicemail continues to operate despite any location based issue.​


A basic list of handset options include:

GXP1405 $59.99


GXP2160 $129.99


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